Letter from President Bill

Tebbe_W_15Hello Fellow Rotarians:

I am both excited and apprehensive about my Rotary Presidency this coming year. I am excited, as I will be working with a great Board of Directors. Rodney Meeks and his committee already have scheduled some very interesting and timely speakers, and we will be adding more. Seeing as this is an election year, we will again try to have candidates on hand for both local and national offices. Bob Kasavan is working on more vocational programs with his committee. Bev Ranzenberger, with her great organizational skills, will be a nice addition to the already successful Pigs and Pinot Committee.

I am apprehensive because it will be hard to follow in the footsteps of Past President Vickie, who did such a wonderful job during her year. The introduction of the Crapper Derby, helping to fund a new project at Dorothy’s Place, and the Downtown Project Committee led by Teri Belli are great examples of what it means to belong to this club. I want to build on those success stories, particularly the work we have done and continue to do downtown. I do not want to lose the focus that Teri Belli has brought to her committee. Teri will continue to lead that effort and will have a seat on the Board of Directors.

I want to look back on this year as a continuation of the successes that this club has been known for. We are a great organization and I want to keep that effort moving forward. Let’s all enjoy the upcoming year

President Bill